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The Fur & Fowl Barn, L.L.C.

We are located at 170 Pine Drive, McVeytown, PA 17051 and are associated with the Christian mission outreach non-profit organization, which is the McVeytown Community Local Mission Service Foundation.

The area for the hunt is ~ 170 acres double fenced perimeter and has some difficult terrain with gentle, easily accessible terrain as well. There are 5 standing corn fields intermixed with alfalfa/clover field food plots, an oak wooded wetland and stream area, all flat terrain and more easy access. However, there is a substantial portion of the property which is steep rock slope with two benches, all heavily wooded with mixed hardwood, saplings and brush. There are some access roads and trails but this area is difficult access.

We have a lodge area that is handicap accessible for both bathroom use and sleeping The lodge has two bedrooms and sleeps 3 on lower bunks (comfortable) sleeps 3 on upper bunks (a bit tighter fit since it is close to the ceiling.) There is a kitchen dining area and living room area with fireplace and T.V. and the front glass door overlooks our deer breeding pens. There is cell phone reception in the area.

This is not a “canned” hunt, the deer act wild and have a lot of area to traverse with readily available escape cover. This is largely due to the fact that our breeding pen operations have emphasized no handling of fawns for the last two years and limited interaction with all animals throughout the year, as well as using large breeding pen areas which have various cover and trees inside the pens.

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