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Our prices are hundreds to thousands of dollars less than our competitors and directly support our wounded warriors charity hunts.


Does $300 each

Yearling Button Bucks $400 each

Bucks < 89  $800 each

Bucks 90-110 based on B&C gross green score – $950 each

111-140 B&C gross green score – $14 / B&C pt.    ($1554 – $1960)

141-170 B&C gross green score – $17 / B&C pt     ($2397 – $2890)

171-200 B&C gross green score – $21 / B&C pt     ($3591 – $4200)

201-230 B&C gross green score – $22 / B&C pt     ($4422 – $5060)

Bucks > 230 B&C gross green score – $24 / B&C pt    ($5313 or more)

Gratuities are not included in fee chart. All rates are subject to change. Please call for white deer fees & availability.   

Fur & Fowl Barn, L.L.C. will periodically donate a two day hunt and overstay in the lodge located on site, as well as one Whitetail deer of the hunter’s choice. Any additional animals taken or use of the lodge beyond that donated, will be per standard costs. The hunter can bring up to two guests free of charge for use of the lodge, however all meals for guests which are provided by Fur & Fowl Barn will be at cost. Additional guests will be charged $150/day which includes use of the lodge, and overnight stay, as well as the opportunity to hunt. All individual meals are included as part of the lodging rate per person. Limited alcohol use is permitted in the lodge area as long as all State and Federal laws governing the consumption and purchase of the same are complied with. Under no circumstances are any hunters or guests permitted to hunt or accompany hunters afield if they do not fully comply with State D.U.I. blood/alcohol limitations. Guests that wish to hunt will be charged at standard rates. Rates for antlered deer are based on scoring from a certified Boone & Crockett scorer at the highest unofficial Boone and Crockett gross green score measured via typical or non-typical Whitetail deer (with no deductions). For hunters that book a two or more day hunt, they are each credited one doe/hunter free of cost.

Whitetail Reflections Taxidermy, Eric Reigle, of Lewistown PA has partnered with Fur & Fowl Barn to provide direct support to all the successful wounded warriors by offering to mount their deer at only his cost for materials.

Please be advised, there is absolutely no guarantee that the hunter will be successful at taking an animal during the hunt and only archery and muzzleloader hunting is permitted (cross bow and inline muzzleloaders are acceptable). The hunter must be accompanied by one of our guides (a friend or family member is also permitted). A waiver for release of liability and indemnity must be signed by all participants. The hunter can take whatever animal he chooses. Any animal killed must be tagged appropriately by Fur & Fowl Barn, and if applicable, the brain stem may need to be removed to ensure full  compliance to PA Dept. of Agriculture regulations disease monitoring/testing. Fur & Fowl Staff will be responsible for field dressing the animal and transporting it to the lodge facility for final tagging and loading. All successful hunters will be required to remove the entire animal from the Fur & Fowl facility upon completion of the hunt, any further processing of the carcass and/or mounting shall be the full responsibility of the hunter.

There is no hunting license required as this is a private hunting preserve. If you would like to schedule an individual or group paid hunt the above noted standard rates for hunters and guests will be applied. If you or a loved one is a Pennsylvania resident with either a terminal illness or are a disabled veteran, and would like to be considered for a charity hunt, please contact Bill Capouillez directly via e-mail at billcap38@gmail.com or via the mcveytownfoundation.com website or call 717-250-1218.

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